All new tutorial: Using TinyDB in App Inventor

I have completely rewritten and re-done my original tutorial on using TinyDB in App Inventor.

You can see the all new rewrite at Using TinyDB in App Inventor

TinyDB is a database used to store and retrieve values to semi-permanent storage on your phone or tablet. Unlike variables, which vanish when your app closes or your phone is turned off, values stored in the TinyDB are retained and can be accessed again, much later.

The original post was a popular post here on the blog, but it was brief and left out some details. I started over from scratch and wrote an all new, complete tutorial, with screen shots and blocks code, and downloadable App Inventor source code. Hope this helps!

E-Books and Printed Books

If you find these tutorials helpful (I hope you do!) please take a look at my books on App Inventor. To learn more about the books and where to get them (they are inexpensive) please see my App Inventor Books page.

  • App Inventor 2 Introduction (Volume 1 e-book)
    Step-by-step guide to easy Android programming
  • App Inventor 2 Advanced Concepts (Volume 2 e-book)
    Step-by-step guide to Advanced features including TinyDB
    • App Inventor 2 Databases and Files (Volume 3 e-book)
      Step-by-step TinyDB, TinyWebDB, Fusion Tables and Files
      Buy from: Amazon, Google Books, Kobo Books
  • App Inventor 2 Graphics, Animation and Charts (Volume 4 e-book and printed book)
    Step-by-step guide to graphics, animation and charts

Thank you for visiting! — Ed


11 thoughts on “All new tutorial: Using TinyDB in App Inventor

  1. A WordPress “plugin” on the web site “blew up” overnight and was causing the web site to show several lines of error messages. I have removed that plugin – thanks to Taifun for alerting me to the problem. The plugin has worked fine for a long time – not yet sure what caused the problem…. Ed

    Update: The plugin seems to have failed on numerous WordPress sites overnight. Not just mine. Am guessing it “phones home” to a server and that server, wherever it is, failed.


  2. Thanks ED, for the tutorials… very helpful. I just purchased “App Inventor 2 Databases and Files (Volume 3 e-book)”, and cannot find a link to the online resources for the e-Book. Is it still available? It would help me a lot, I believe, as a beginner!


    • Curtis, the link is on page 2 of the ebook in the preface section of the book. Let me know if you don’t see it.

      Also, Google has changed the user interface for setting up Fusion Tables. I am aware of the change and I need to write an update to that section.



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